We offer all styles of dance (Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Breaking, Grooving/Old School Party Dances, House, African, Jamaican Dancehall, Bhangra, Bollywood, Jazz, Waacking, Line Dancing, Salsa, Stepping, Waltz and Swing) Martial Arts Conditioning, Yoga and Meditation.

Here are some video examples of the above styles.

Locking, Hip Hop (Old School and New Style,) House Dance, and Popping with Kyle

Bollywood and Indian Dance (Garba, Dandiya Ras, Rajasthani Ghoomar & Bhangra) with Aneesha

Swing Dance and Lindy Hop with Teresa and Barney

Waltz and Salsa with Barney

Contemporary and Hip Hop with Tyler

Break with Jhaymee

Waacking, Hip Hop, and House Dance with Everest

Hip Hop, House Dance, and Popping with Jordan

Afrobeat with Boris  (French instruction available)

More examples: The SIX STREET DANCE STYLES;  

Popping & Popping

Locking & Locking

Breaking with our very own JHAYMEE! Breaking

House Dance with our very own KYLE! House Dance & House Dance

Waacking & Waacking Waacking history

Hip Hop (Old School Party Dancing)

Hip Hop (New Style)


Jamaican Dancehall




Swing Dance with our very own TERESA! Swing Dance  Swing Dance  Swing Dance & Swing Dance




Line Dance (not just traditional! Can include African, Latin, Jamaican, 50’s, etc.)

Birthday Parties!!!

Invite us to your child's birthday party for an experience of a lifetime!  We will facilitate a lesson and games at your home or local venue in the style of dance you choose.

Let us MC your larger events as well!  This can include music and equipment.

Over the last few weeks, a group of Grade 7 boys have been participating in dance classes from local dance company Jess Dance. The dance company has provided the boys with information on a variety of dance styles as well as give them an opportunity to explore and try a selection of dance styles, including step.