The Vancouver School District was invited to our Bhangra performance at Sir Wilfred Laurier Elementary School.  Jessica Dhillon taught 4 lessons to each student to learn the choreography!

"We have spent 2 fantastic sessions with Ryan Williams for our surprise dance and I just want to express how great of an experience we have had with him and his lessons.  First off, we were both super nervous and a bit intimidated by a dancing routine, but Ryan made us feel comfortable and at ease the minute we met him. He was extremely friendly, professional and excited! He started off by making sure that we knew that this was all about enjoying ourselves and still having fun and he carried that attitude through the entirety of each lesson. He has remarkable teaching skills and was patient and thorough. Again, his enthusiasm for what he does made the entire experience fun and enjoyable! We did not expect to laugh as much as we did :) I can honestly say that our dance lessons with Ryan have been THE BEST part of our wedding planning! It was stress-free and fun. We are in love with the choreography Ryan planned for the song and we love practicing day and night!  We are just so impressed with this young man and how he carries himself. We are extremely grateful and we needed to pass on our good experience to you. Thanks for making that happen!

-Emily and James, bride and groom, surprise wedding dance Saturday, September 12th, 2015

        "Everything was fantastic!  The instructors were fantastic and the kids loved the classes.  In particular, the grade 10's very much enjoyed hearing about the history of the dances and really took to the waltz/jive class.  The grade 9's and 10's knew that they would be performing again this year, and a lot of them started to practice at least a month before the dance classes started.  You have helped to create a tradition here.  Most of the performances this year left me in tears because they were so good!  Thanks again for a wonderful experience and have a wonderful holiday."

-Jennifer Kinakin, Physical Education Department Head, University Hill Secondary School, Vancouver

        "We were all very impressed with Ryan. He was professional, friendly, enthusiastic and obviously very skilled. I was very impressed with his ability to break down steps to their simplest form, making learning easy. The students responded well and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The engagement level was very high.  Overall it was a day (and money) well spent."  

-Physical Education teacher, Secondary School, Coquitlam

"Classes are going great.  The kids look like they are really enjoying themselves.  Ryan is really great with them.  He's been a great role model, too."  

-Delores Simmons, Teacher,  Holy Trinity Elementary School, North Vancouver

" Lee was amazing.  We did the show- everyone loved it and then Lee taught everyone (including parents) a couple of moves...very fun!!!  We have had dance at our school before but not like this.  Getting all students and all abilities moving and loving dance was so amazing. We love this program!  I have never seen this many positive comments about an outside arts or PE program by teachers, parents or students.  Lee of Jess Dance made dance fun."                 

-Sean Rupert, Physical Education, University Hill Elementary School, Vancouver

"Priya was great! She taught a very fun and complex dance to the PE Leadership students and they really loved it.  Thanks for organizing.  

-Nancy Archibould, Physical Education Department Head, Magee Secondary School, Vancouver

"It was FANTASTIC!  Priya was awesome and everyone had a great time. I couldn't be happier about how it went!"  

-Shannon Daly, McMath Secondary School, Richmond, BC

"Jess Dance came to our school for a month-long series of workshops with students in Kindergarten to grade 5.  Each group explored a different style of dance.  They learned and performed New Style Hip Hop, African, Breaking, and Jazz Dance for the community as a wrap up to our sessions.  After such a great response from students and their families, we are booking Jess Dance again for next year.  We love you!       

-Meghan Budd, Teacher, Urban Academy Junior School, New Westminster, BC

"It was very impressive how well you were able to connect with the students at UA.  You are a great dance teacher!."

-Sean Kitts, Physical Education Teacher, Urban Academy Senior School, New Westminster

"I was very happy with the Bhangra Program (with Jessica Dhillon.)  The kids were well prepared for the performance and learned a lot about audience and performance skills."                                                           

-Caroline Latondresse, Teacher, Champlain Heights Elementary School, Vancouver

"The class went well.  The boys really enjoyed the lesson and Ryan had some awesome words of encouragement for the group."   (Boys Empowerment Workshop)

-Stacey Anderson, Vice Principal, Strawberry Hill Elementary School, Surrey 

"Both dance classes went so well, so please give Hannah and Lee another huge thank-you and a job well done!"  

-Gillian Brown, Physical Education, Crofton House School, Vancouver